Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Sweet Single Life: Chapter 1

Hello friends!

Happy belated Valentine's Day.  Did you get yourselves some flowers or chocolates? Maybe you had a quiet evening at home or partied at an anti-Valentine's Day event or cried yourself to sleep because this is your first, or another, Valentine's Day alone.  

Welcome to my blog!  I'm so happy you came.  Here we can be together and support each other in the sweetness of being single because being single is great for so many reasons!

Whether you've come here because you're newly single and unsure of what that means these days or have been single forever and are looking for other happily single people, I hope you will find optimism, comfort, and joy in my blog.

Everything and anything is possible when you're single, and that is the sweetness of being single!  

                                                   Stay tuned!